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Why do I need a professionally designed logo?

May 25th, 2015 Posted by Front Page, logo design No Comment yet

Whether small or large, your business should have a logo that helps make an impression on your potential customers. A great logo is one of the first ways a business can attract and instill confidence in customers searching for the services you offer. Many business owner’s first instinct may be to go with the cheapest option when looking for a logo design, but this often leads to undesirable results. A better option is hiring a professional logo designer. Customers judge the quality of a business based on the quality of their logo. For example, a logo created with Clipart gives the impression that the business is not innovative and technologically behind the times. Or take a look at this one:


There are a myriad of things wrong with this logo, not least of which are the use of Papyrus, a kitchy typeface if ever there was one, and the haphazardly put together icon.

This is where Three5designs can help your business thrive! We offer logo design services to help engage your target audience and inspire confidence in your products! Just fill out our contact form to speak with our designer and get the ball rolling on your new logo!

New design!

April 30th, 2014 Posted by Development, Front Page, Web Design No Comment yet

Well, I’ve updated the website (which is LONG overdue!).  I’m now working to make it all nice and stuff. Maybe your website needs a pick me up, like mine did. I would love to help you! Please, don’t hesitate to contact me and get the ball rolling on making your website the best it can possibly be. Just send me an e-mail: